Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Almost Finished!!!!

Whoooo Hooo My Blog is almost finished,so please bare with me while we get it all set up and arranged to my Liking LOL.My New Design name will be hitting Stores with new kits and such around the middle to end of April,so please grab my Current Design name Kits befor March 31st as they are all onsale right now till end of March Just click on my stores to the left of this message to see the sale.Remember it iwll bring yout o my Country Hollow Creations Name.
My New Blinkies are on there way,i will post them as soon as i get them,The Lovely Spinky Dink Scraps is making htem,Lindsay does a awesome Job so i know they will Rock and you will Love them.
Please Thank Siamese Studio(May)for this rocking New Blog she is doing a wonderful Job!!!!Check her Blog and services out to the right of this pst under credits.
Ok off to arrange some more and work on my New Kits!!!Talk to you all soon.

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  1. Love your new blog! And since I'm the second one to follow you, if you wanted to follow me back it would be great!! :)